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Joelle + Devon's Backyard Wedding

Updated: Apr 1

There is just something about backyard weddings that I just adore. The intimacy, the emphasis on closeness with your guests, and the communal way in which everyone in attendance witnesses your union. This was all true for Joelle and Devon who got married in the backyard of an absolutely stunning home in Hamilton, Montana. Joelle was the type of bride who had her whole wedding envisioned and planned out before we even met for the first time, but did it in a way that was never pushy or high-strung. I love a bride who knows what she wants. Devon was also one of the most involved grooms I typically see, as most grooms I typically meet for the first time at the rehearsal 😂

Joelle had planned so many special details, truly making it a customized and special experience for their guests. From the intimate size of their guest list and the unique way they took their portraits to the backyard venue, their wedding day was such a breath of fresh air in the middle of my wedding season.

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Jacilyn M

Hair + Make-up: Kindred and Altruist

Chairs: Toast Events

Coordinator: Emily Summer Studios

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