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Why You Should Do a First Look

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

So, you've booked your wedding photographer and you're chatting about your wedding day photography timeline. Then the question comes "Are you planning to do a First Look?" If you're not as immersed in the wedding industry as I am, you might not know what the point of a first look is, or maybe you don't even know what it is.

Traditionally, the groom doesn't see the bride before the wedding, and many couple's still choose to follow this tradition. However, opting for a first look, where the couple shares a photographed moment where they see one another for the first time, at your wedding has so many advantages from the unique special moment you and your future spouse can share before the wedding, to the amazingly touching photographs captured by your photographer.

I've rustled up some of my favorite reasons why I love First Looks at wedding in hopes you will share in my adoration:

Extra Time Alone, Together

By doing a First Look, you and your hunny are able to share a special moment before your nuptials that is just for you. This alone is such a huge selling point for a First Look. Once your wedding ceremony starts, the day is such a blur you will wonder where all you time has gone, and little of it was spent with your new husband or wife.

Get More Photos Done Before the Ceremony

Once you and your partner have seen each other, you are free to take full bridal party photos! By taking a large chunk of your photographs before the wedding starts, you don't have to stress about making sure you squeeze in every photo in between your ceremony and reception or tracking your guests down for group family photos. Give them a time to show up before the ceremony starts and you can bust out a large majority of your photographs before the wedding even starts. This also means you get more time with your guests after the ceremony and you won't have to leave them waiting for so long before the reception can begin.

Amazing Photo-Ops

Yes, we all love to see the groom's reaction when he sees his bride walk down the aisle for the first time. Now, imagine if you could see his reaction when there aren't 250 people watching him. In my experience, the first look reactions, from both parties, are the most real, raw and special moments the couple experiences throughout their entire wedding day, and they are all able to be captured, up close and personal, by your photographer.

Opportunity For Creativity

The special reactions aren't the only things that make great photographs during a First Look. You can use this time to get creative with your moment to not only produce beautiful photographs, but create a a photo-op that is unique to you as a couple. I've seen couples wear silly masks before they reveal themselves and brides carry balloons on their way to greet their future hubby, then releasing them for a grand reveal. There really are no limits when it comes to crafting your First Look moment, and the more creative you can be, the more you are making your day about you and what makes you the couple you are.

Photo by Leighanne Herr Photography

The Aisle Moment is Still Special, I Promise

Ok, this is the one that usually gets most people. "But I want to see the look on my partner's face when they see me for the first time walking down the aisle." Trust me, this moment is still so incredibly special, that previously allowing your groom to see you beforehand can't change. Think about it - Yes, you've seen each other in private, but now you're about to profess your love to one another in front of your closest friends and family and dedicate your lives to one another. I would say that's still a pretty darn good moment. Another tip to make this moment more special and different from the First Look is to wear a veil. If you opt to wear a veil on your wedding day, I encourage you to not wear it during your First Look, and put it on for your walk down the aisle. This way, just the simple additional of a veil when you walk down the aisle adds SO much when it comes to completing your look and the emotions it evokes.

Photo by Ashton Teriece

So, there you have it! I hope I have convinced you on adding a First Look to your wedding day photography timeline - you won't regret it!

Emily Summer



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