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How to Have a Trendy Wedding in 2019

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Ok you guys, 2019 is coming in hot and I think I am more excited for this wedding season than any other. From the royal wedding inspiration we got from 2018, to the increasing avenues of inspiration (thanks Pinterest), this is about to be the year of amazing weddings, bringing a year of romance, personalization and elegance.

From the attire, to the decor, to the food and dessert, 2019 will bring back the elegance of weddings as we say goodbye to those rustic barn weddings (for now). Now, working weddings in Montana means I will never fully see an end to barn weddings, however we will see a shift toward a more modern and upscale style to these rustic weddings and I couldn't be more excited. Bye-bye burlap, lace and mason jars!

So, what can we expect to see in 2019 weddings exactly? Let's dive on in:


The Simple Wedding Dress

We will be seeing a surge in the simple and classic wedding dress in 2019. Full lace and embellished wedding dresses will be taking a back seat as clean lines and classic shapes bring back the essence of "simple elegance." This style shift is likely due to Meghan Markle and her iconic wedding dress that has brought on excitement surrounding regal fashion for 2019. It is also from the Royal Wedding that we will likely see an increase in halter neck styles. When choosing a simple wedding dress like this, be sure to select the right silhouette for you, and tailoring is everything.

It's Time to Suit-Up

Alright Gents, 2019 is your time to shine as the three piece is making a comeback. Menswear expert, Dominic Trooper, says this year's styles will be sharper than ever. Slim cut suits from head to toe will replace those loose-fitting shirts and suspenders from the last several years. We will also see an increase in the use of rich colors for men, such as burgundy, ink blue and purple.

Alternative Engagement Rings

Couples are getting more adventurous with their engagement rings and straying away from traditional diamonds. 2019 is expected to bring more colorful engagement rings included various colored sapphires, opals and amethyst.

Photo via Style Me Pretty


Coral is Back

Pantone has announced that coral is the official color of the year, so expect to see bursts of it throughout 2019 weddings. Coral was a popular color back in 2015 and will likely stick around for a couple years as we will see it in wedding florals, bridesmaid dresses or sprinkled on a cake.

Photo Via Rock My Wedding

Photo via Want That Wedding

In addition to coral, we will see a shift towards more bright and bold colors in general. In 2018 we saw lots of pastel and light color palettes, which are beautiful, but 2019 will bring more colorful weddings.

Cue the Confetti

Say goodbye to the sparkler exit and hello to colorful confetti - the 2019 way to make an exit from your wedding. Perhaps social media is to blame, but explosions of colorful confetti is expected to be all the rage for your formal wedding exits, sure to bring you some Insta-worthy photos.

Photo via The Knot

Homey Spaces

More and more couples are interested in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for their guests. We will see an increase in bringing the inside out, as furniture such as couches, loveseats and lamps come together to create a lounge setting outdoors.

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Banquet Style Seating

We will see less round table set-ups in 2019 and more banquet style seating with low floral arrangements, which not only create a more interactive and communal space, but it also makes for great photographs, as you can see all your guests interacting together, as well as the decor all in one photo. Not to mention, you can put your head table in the middle and not feel like you are completely on display.

Photo by Jodee Debes

Velvet Linens

The bare farm table look we saw so frequently in 2018 will be less popular this upcoming year as couples are opting to adorn tables with fine linens. Velvet, in particular, will be seen frequently in 2019 as a table covering of choice. A simple shift in color can make this once fall/winter fabric suitable for all seasons.

Photo by Orange Photographie


Wedding Branding

Couples are taking their wedding themes and decor to the next level, creating perfectly personalized and unique experiences for their guests. Save the Dates, Invitations and all paper goods are increasingly being used as a way to give guests a hint at what to expect on the wedding day, using color blocking, illustrations, monograms and personalized wax seals.

Illustrated Invitations

Continuing with the theme of personalization, illustrated invitations will be seen more frequently in 2019. These pieces of art are one-of-a-kind and a really personal way to welcome your guests to your celebration. These invitations can serve as a narrative for the entire wedding day.

Invitations by Emily Rose Ink

Scented Candles

While candles have always been a popular piece at a wedding, creating mood lighting and a romantic ambiance, 2019 couples will take it to the next level incorporating scented candles into the mix, even creating their own scents specifically for their wedding day. For many people, scents are the greatest form of reminiscing, so by filling your wedding with a particular scent, you and your guests will remember your wedding day whenever you catch a whiff of that scent for years to come.


Big and Bold

As the year of colorful weddings, we will see a lot of bright florals paired with lush greens. It is expected to be the year of Dahlia, as we will see many of these beautiful flowers in bridal bouquets and floral arrangements throughout the venue. Their unique shape and rich colors will take center stage in 2019.

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Greenery is Still on Point

The use of greenery will remain popular, however it will be seen paired with more lush and colorful flowers than in years past. We will also see more natural and whimsical greenery arrangements, creating much more romantic vibes. Trees will also be popular in both indoor and outdoor weddings.


In addition to leafy greens and garland, the use of grasses will be popular in 2019 weddings. Grasses might replace foliage in many cases, creating a very bohemian style. Pampas grass will be a popular choice and is oh so romantic.


Grazing Tables

In lieu of appetizer trays during cocktail hours, we will see more grazing tables that will include a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts and desserts. These tables are a work of art and make great photos, not to mention your guests will love the easy access to their favorite snacks.

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Buh-Bye Buffet

Buffet style dinners will see a decline in 2019 as couples are using more food stations and themed dinner tables such as build-your-own taco bar, meat carving station, or cuisine from different countries at their own stations. This creates a more unique culinary experience for the guests, and one they are likely to remember.

Photo via Style Me Pretty

Cakes Will Get Their 15 Minutes of Fame

Cakes are about to take center stage after a few seasons of playing a supporting role. Extravagant wedding cakes in 2019 are making a comeback and they will be more beautiful and artistic than ever. Gone are the naked cakes and donut walls and here comes museum-worthy cake designs. We will see an array of textures, elegant piping and metallic touches.

Photo via Burnetts Boards

Late Night Snacks

Couples are ditching the wedding favors and opting for more late night snacks and activities for their guests instead. Mac and Cheese cups and mini tacos anyone?

Photo via Brides.com

It's safe to say 2019 is going to bring some amazing weddings and I can hardly wait until the season really kicks off. If you're planning a 2019 wedding and need help incorporating some of these trends into your celebration, I still have a few dates open for the 2019 season!

What are some of the trends you are most excited for? Comment below!

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