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Boudoir as a First-Timer

Boudoir photography was one of those things I liked to admire from afar, but didn't think I would ever really get into it. I didn't know where to find the women that were interested in Boudoir sessions, where to shoot these sessions (since I don't have a studio and until recently was living in 700 square feet with zero natural light) or how the heck to even pose for a sexy shoot without making the situation completely awkward.

However, when a bride I was photographing in the fall asked me to shoot a Boudoir session with her right before her wedding, I found myself agreeing without hesitation. Maybe it was because I had already established a relationship with her, since she was already a client of mine, or maybe it's because I am finally in a place where I am confident in my abilities, knowing the more work I say yes to, the more I am going to grow, and ultimately improve. When it comes to things I've never done before, I have always been a "say yes now, figure out how to do it later," kinda gal. I love learning new things and constantly growing my repertoire, so now was the time to give this whole Boudoir thing a shot.

Since it was the weekend of the wedding, we were able to sneak away for a couple hours and use the venue's guest house to take photos and it was perfection. Kate brought two bridal outfits that were the perfect combination of class and sexy and the girl totally killed it.

This boudoir session was one of the most empowering photoshoots I have ever done because the whole time I am capturing this beautiful bride, totally vulnerable, and making her feel like the sexiest, most badass woman alive and it's just so raw. The posing I was so concerned about came naturally and the more we shot, and casually talked, the better they got. I can't show you all the photos, for obvious reasons, but trust me - they're good.

This has been a year of firsts for me and I am so excited to have added Boudoir Photography to the list! I can't wait to shoot more beautiful brides-to-be so if you've been considering a boudoir session, but it makes you nervous or you don't think you could ever pose in lingerie - GIRL- just do it and I promise you won't regret it.

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